25 September 2023

Artem: "Forexx takes care about all aspects of employee's life."

Testimonial Artem

Who’s is Artem?
I’ve graduated as MSc Shipbuilding Engineer in Gdańsk University of Technology. And started my career in Poland working in different shipyards and engineering offices. Afterwards I’ve decided to extend the horizons of my possibilities and did MBA study in the field of Project and Strategic Management. After that I’ve got opportunity to join Forexx and start new live in the Netherlands. It was my dream from the long time.

Beautiful yachtbuilding projects
I’ve started at Forexx as Team Leader Shipbuilding in yachtbuilding sector. During the last several years I was involved in couple beautiful yachtbuilding projects from the first steps until launching. And I’m very proud of that.

My drive: sharing positive energy
First of all the people around me. This is real magic when we can share positive energy with each other. This is like a team sports. When all engineers on the project going in one way and achieving goals together. When we are able to have a pleasure from what we are doing the time flies. But most important in our work to see final result, when yacht or another vessel is being launched - you can see how drawings transformed to the steel art. This makes me happy and satisfied.

My future goal is…
Going forward, make myself better in professional point of view. Share what I have with people who working and living around me, using my knowledge and experience.

Achieving the goals
At Forexx I always feel that I’m being supported. I can ask my colleagues or mangers for help any time. I think it’s very important that you can rely on your colleagues to resolve the different problems. Forexx always says yes if you like to go with self-development, and will always advice you how to plan and make you professional live in the Netherlands more optimized and balanced.

The advantage in working at Forexx
When you come for living and working in new country it’s always a challenge to properly arrange everything. But this is where Forexx come in action. From the first steps in the Netherlands Forexx takes care about all aspects of employee’s live. This is very important that Forexx takes responsibility for the employees who coming from different part of the world, and support us from the beginning.

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