21 May 2024

Celebrating the Award-Winning INFINITE JEST: A Jewel of the Seas

Have you ever wondered what it's like to step aboard a yacht that isn't just a boat, but a recognized masterpiece of design and function? That's exactly what INFINITE JEST is. A yacht built by Turquoise Yachts, and recently awarded two prestigious titles:

The Displacement Motor Yacht 1500 GT and Above award, and the Voyager’s Award at the 19th BOAT International World Superyacht Awards.

INFINITE JEST's excellence in design and its capability for adventurous, long-distance voyages.

What Makes INFINITE JEST Special?
For those who might not know much about yachts, a "displacement motor yacht" refers to a type of vessel designed for comfortable, extended stays on the ocean. It's built to be stable and luxurious, making it ideal for long journeys across seas. Winning such an award underscores INFINITE JEST's exceptional quality and luxury.

INFINITE JEST isn't just about size or capacity; it's about the experience. The yacht offers expansive suites with stunning ocean views, multiple entertainment lounges, and state-of-the-art technology that ensures safety and comfort. It's akin to a floating luxury hotel where every detail is crafted for elegance and comfort.

The Mastermind Behind the Design
Kivilcim Gürkan played a important role in bringing INFINITE JEST to life, serving as the Lead Exterior and Outfitting Design Engineer. His expertise in yacht design and his commitment to excellence were crucial in achieving the high standards that led to these awards.

Celebrating Another Achievement: The ENTOURAGE
Not stopping at INFINITE JEST, another yacht named ENTOURAGE, also won an award the Displacement Motor Yachts 500GT to 999GT. Part of the elegant A60 series by Amels, ENTOURAGE showcases luxury on a slightly smaller scale but with no less grandeur. Kivilcim Gürkan also lent his expertise as an Outfitting and Plans Engineer to this project, reinforcing his significant impact in the yacht design world.

The accolades received by INFINITE JEST and ENTOURAGE are a testament to the creative vision and technical prowess of their design and engineering teams. These vessels represent the pinnacle of modern yachting, offering unparalleled experiences on the water. They serve as a beacon of innovation in yacht design, inspiring both the industry and those dreaming of the ultimate sea escape.

As we recognize the achievements of these magnificent yachts and their creators, it's clear that behind every great vessel is a team of dedicated professionals, driven by passion and precision. Here's to the continued success and future voyages of these extraordinary yachts!

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