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Civil engineering brings all interests together and provides the foundation of the Netherlands

The Netherlands faces some big tasks this decade, especially in the areas of energy and habitat development. Combined with mobility this creates drastic changes. In the coming years, large wind farms will be built in the North Sea, but that will not get the energy to where you want to charge your electric car or at home with your heat pump. Another issue is how and where we will live in the Netherlands. Will we live in the big cities where specific solutions for mobility are needed or in the provinces, which makes interregional mobility the focus? It is certain that this will raise complex issues and that the answers to these questions will change the Netherlands forever. Applying the newest technologies plays an important role here. Seeing the new situation in advance, using augmented reality, or using artificial intelligence to best assess the possible futures. These technologies are already being applied in different sectors, allowing cross-pollination to provide the necessary speed.

Another challenge this sector faces is the shrinking number of Dutch engineers due to universities, among others, not providing enough new graduates. Within civil engineering in the Netherlands almost everything is written and spoken in Dutch, from standards to drawings and from program requirements to minutes from consultations with governments. This makes it difficult to attract the much-needed talent from abroad. Other sectors, where language is no longer an issue, are further ahead when it comes to this. Adapting to the Dutch culture is the only issue. Investments from the government will be enormous the coming years, to shape the large tasks for the Netherlands. The question is: who will be doing the engineering work?

In other words: transformation, globalisation, modernisation and acceleration on the axis of human, engineering and digitalisation.

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We work with the best professionals within the civil engineering world

The best professionals can choose between the most challenging assignments; the ultimate challenge in a suitable work environment, where personal motivations for a better world will be the deciding factor. Forexx is specialised in this and brings together the right people with experience. Through years of experience with engineers from home and abroad, Forexx is able to provide a suitable solution.

By just searching professionals in the Netherlands, the problem will not be solved. Our network of professionals, who make a difference every day, comes from other parts of Europe with similar experience. Experience with solutions for complex mobility in cities or organising interregional connections is present in many places; matching the generation based on the energy demand and energy transport is an issue everywhere. This way the world for solutions for Dutch challenges becomes a lot bigger.

Our experience, specific knowledge and tested method continues to take care of the professional who makes the difference.

Forexx civil engineering
Forexx civil engineering

The solution for the right professional is in the flexibility

Adapting the activities of a project to the skills of your professionals creates new insights. The Netherlands has experience in solving the most complex civil engineering challenges; the Netherlands is even praised for it. But, we simply do not have enough professionals. Many big civil engineering projects have already started, which means that a complete overturn, through which a foreign engineer becomes productive fast, often proves to be difficult. With the right motivation and a look at the medium term this provides the right professional for the current projects and the growing demand in the near future.

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