28 February 2023

Jessica: “I lift myself, others and Forexx to a higher level.”


In her profession as senior licensing officer, Jessica has basically seen it all. But she wants more! And she gets that opportunity at Forexx, where she can draw on her knowledge and experience to get the best out of herself and others.

Thinking along about the future of Forexx

“At Forexx I have a really cool task: I can build and expand the unit licensing for civil engineering. Based on my expertise I put together a team that realises the organisation’s goals. I love doing that, because the best part of my job is the thinking along: how can we in any case achieve the desired end result? Now I can think along based on my expertise on how Forexx can become the best in the industry!”

Forexx feels like family

“Thanks to Forexx I have grown as a person and believe even more in my own abilities. That is because of our beautiful way of working. People look out for one another and for everybody’s needs and developments. Everyone listens to you and thinks about how you can grow and fulfil your future dreams. This helps me to lift myself, others and the organisation to a higher level.”

Hidden talents discovered

“People have said to me that I would be a good manager. I never believed them. I was too insecure. In my current assignment I coach and guide junior licensing officers. With my help they become the best version of themselves. They grow in their profession and gain self-confidence. Forexx has brought out this talent in me. Together we will look at ways in which I can further professionalise my managing skills.”

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