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Innovation is what drives this sector

For professionals in the Dutch high-tech industry, the opportunities are vast and varied. Engaging with this sector means being part of a dynamic, rapidly evolving ecosystem where innovation is not just encouraged—it's essential. Professionals have the chance to work on the forefront of global challenges in energy, healthcare, and advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, contributing to solutions that shape the future.

The industry's commitment to flexibility and continual learning ensures that individual adaptability and skills enhancement are prioritized. This environment is ripe for professionals who thrive on change and are eager to apply their expertise in new and exciting contexts.

Moreover, the unique collaborative culture of the Dutch high-tech market fosters an environment where knowledge sharing and teamwork are not only valued but practiced widely across organizations of all sizes—from large corporates to agile start-ups and scale-ups. This integration of diverse perspectives fuels innovation and personal growth, making it an ideal setting for professionals seeking to make a significant impact while advancing their careers.

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We work with the best professionals in high tech

The best professionals do not always allow themselves to be bound by time, location or money; the ultimate challenge in a suitable work environment is guiding. Forexx is flexible when it comes to this and brings together the right people with experience. With years of experience in this sector, Forexx knows many professionals and their ambitions. This network of professionals, who make a difference every day, is constantly evolving. Tens of thousands of engineers work around the centres of Eindhoven and Delft alone, some of whom are looking for that one new environment in which they can excel again.

Our experience, specific knowledge and tested method continues to take care of the professional who makes the difference.

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The solution for the right professional is in the flexibility

The ‘war for talent’ in High Tech might even be bigger than in other sectors. Many companies have found their way outside of the Netherlands years ago, but this might no longer be the solution. The large demand for professionals who understand the subject matter of this sector and are able to quickly apply it in their work creates headaches. It is not only important to find the right professionals, but also to make sure that they stay connected to your organisation for a long period of time. In most organisations there is a longer learning curve due to the complexity of the system. Choosing the right professional in advance will definitely pay off, even if the learning curve is longer.

The ’Unleash your second power’ concept helps in making the right choice.

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