11 September 2023

Luca: “Thanks to Forexx I am finally following my passion.”

Testimonial Luca

Hello, I'm Luca, an Italian from the heart of Italy, often referred to as the center of the world. I harbor a passion for cats and holidays. But who doesn't love them?

Finally following my passion
I have always been drawn to the world of design, creating and building new things. During my middle school years, I focused on graphic design. After completing my studies - a combination of architecture and interior design - in Roma I enrolled in a master's program in yacht design at the Polytechnic of Milano, finally following my passion in this exciting field.

Flexible and accommodating opportunity
After working for a few years in my hometown, Terni, I made the decision to move to the Netherlands. I felt it was the right time to venture beyond Italy. Following my initial job, I had several interviews with different companies, and in the end, I chose to sign a contract with Forexx because I believed it offered the most flexible and accommodating opportunity.

I continuously grow in my profession
What I particularly enjoy in my work as an interior engineering designer is the opportunity to tackle unique and challenging projects, allowing me to continuously grow in my profession. The element of luxury and elegance involved in creating yacht interiors adds to the allure of the job. Although it can be demanding at times, I find it incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

It's all about personal growth
The possibility to grow professionally while maintaining a healthy work-life balance is what my career revolves around. It's all about personal growth, meaningful work, and striking that sweet balance between work and personal life. These factors together make my career journey truly fulfilling and successful.

The freedom to switch roles
The best thing about being part of Forexx is the freedom to switch roles and experience different work environments within the company. A big plus for me is also the team itself! You can always count on getting extra suggestions and help whenever you need it. I truly believe that I have the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally here. And let's not forget the sweet salary - it's a fantastic perk! With all these awesome benefits, what more could I ask for? It's just the perfect place to grow and succeed in my career. It's an amazing place to be!

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