21 March 2023

Richard: “Forexx lifts companies to a higher level.”


What he likes most about working as a management consultant at Forexx? Richard thinks it is that he works for companies who are ready for their next innovation step. Together with Forexx he lifts these companies to a higher level.

Growing organisations

“From Forexx I advise clients on the possibilities to grow. I visit the most fascinating companies, each with their own dynamics, disciplines and new technological developments. The software engineer in me gets very excited by new things. Very educational! I also think about the beautiful future of Forexx. How can we be the best employer for our professionals and the best partner for our clients? The opportunity to think along is there for everyone, by the way.”

Visible results

“I chose Forexx because of the concept. Forexx hires people who have experience in working at big companies and deploys them in smaller organisations. Those organisations can often learn a lot from the work processes at big companies. That is a beautiful concept, because you visibly contribute to such an organisation. It really gives me energy when our work pays off and clients are happy!”

Using each other’s superpowers

Forexx’s strength is that we know exactly what we are good at. We know each other and know what everyone’s superpower is. We have all disciplines in-house to really help clients move forward. From advice to implementation, now and in the future. In addition, we strengthen each other as colleagues. If I know what a colleague is up against in his or her work, I see if I can make the work easier and more fun. That way, we also lift each other to a higher level.”

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