21 March 2023

Özgur: “Forexx immediately made me feel that I can achieve more.”

Ozgur Ozel

Özgur has felt at home at Forexx from the very first moment. The organisation’s commitment helps you to fulfil your ambitions. Özgur is already well on his way to do that!

Work you can be proud of

“Thanks to Forexx I am executing a project at a client where I can perfectly apply all of my experience: Damen Yachting. As a technical specialist I am pivotal in the entire yacht construction process. I maintain contact with suppliers and support my colleagues from different disciplines with information and advice, so they can do their job the best way possible. Nothing is greater than seeing a yacht sail away after 3 to 5 years. That always makes me very proud of what we have achieved together.”

A warm welcome at Forexx

“I have always known I was a team player, but Forexx has reinforced that feeling. When I started working at Forexx, I immediately felt welcome. Everyone is friendly, helpful and involved. At Damen my manager from Forexx regularly checks in to see if I am doing well and what could be improved. This way Forexx helps me to keep challenging myself and to keep growing.”

At Forexx you become the best version of yourself

“Besides the beautiful work I do at Damen, I help Forexx grow our network of talents from different disciplines. At Forexx we bring these talents together in an environment in which they can bring out the best in each other. By reinforcing each other, but also by learning from and with each other. We also work on a valuable educational programme. This way, every colleague can fulfil their ambitions and Forexx can support clients in every way possible to pursue their ambitions!”

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