Who’s is Artem?
I’ve graduated as MSc Shipbuilding Engineer in Gdańsk University of Technology. And started my career in Poland working in different shipyards and engineering offices. Afterwards I’ve decided to extend the horizons of my possibilities and did MBA study in the field of Project and Strategic Management. After that I’ve got opportunity to join Forexx and start new live in the Netherlands. It was my dream from the long time.

Beautiful yachtbuilding projects
I’ve started at Forexx as Team Leader Shipbuilding in yachtbuilding sector. During the last several years I was involved in couple beautiful yachtbuilding projects from the first steps until launching. And I’m very proud of that.

My drive: sharing positive energy
First of all the people around me. This is real magic when we can share positive energy with each other. This is like a team sports. When all engineers on the project going in one way and achieving goals together. When we are able to have a pleasure from what we are doing the time flies. But most important in our work to see final result, when yacht or another vessel is being launched - you can see how drawings transformed to the steel art. This makes me happy and satisfied.

My future goal is…
Going forward, make myself better in professional point of view. Share what I have with people who working and living around me, using my knowledge and experience.

Achieving the goals
At Forexx I always feel that I’m being supported. I can ask my colleagues or mangers for help any time. I think it’s very important that you can rely on your colleagues to resolve the different problems. Forexx always says yes if you like to go with self-development, and will always advice you how to plan and make you professional live in the Netherlands more optimized and balanced.

The advantage in working at Forexx
When you come for living and working in new country it’s always a challenge to properly arrange everything. But this is where Forexx come in action. From the first steps in the Netherlands Forexx takes care about all aspects of employee’s live. This is very important that Forexx takes responsibility for the employees who coming from different part of the world, and support us from the beginning.

Hello, I'm Luca, an Italian from the heart of Italy, often referred to as the center of the world. I harbor a passion for cats and holidays. But who doesn't love them?

Finally following my passion
I have always been drawn to the world of design, creating and building new things. During my middle school years, I focused on graphic design. After completing my studies - a combination of architecture and interior design - in Roma I enrolled in a master's program in yacht design at the Polytechnic of Milano, finally following my passion in this exciting field.

Flexible and accommodating opportunity
After working for a few years in my hometown, Terni, I made the decision to move to the Netherlands. I felt it was the right time to venture beyond Italy. Following my initial job, I had several interviews with different companies, and in the end, I chose to sign a contract with Forexx because I believed it offered the most flexible and accommodating opportunity.

I continuously grow in my profession
What I particularly enjoy in my work as an interior engineering designer is the opportunity to tackle unique and challenging projects, allowing me to continuously grow in my profession. The element of luxury and elegance involved in creating yacht interiors adds to the allure of the job. Although it can be demanding at times, I find it incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

It's all about personal growth
The possibility to grow professionally while maintaining a healthy work-life balance is what my career revolves around. It's all about personal growth, meaningful work, and striking that sweet balance between work and personal life. These factors together make my career journey truly fulfilling and successful.

The freedom to switch roles
The best thing about being part of Forexx is the freedom to switch roles and experience different work environments within the company. A big plus for me is also the team itself! You can always count on getting extra suggestions and help whenever you need it. I truly believe that I have the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally here. And let's not forget the sweet salary - it's a fantastic perk! With all these awesome benefits, what more could I ask for? It's just the perfect place to grow and succeed in my career. It's an amazing place to be!

Cristi is a 29-year-old Naval Architect who relocated to the Netherlands half a year ago, from Romania. He is recently assigned with a project in Royal van Lent (Feadship company) as Model Manager in shipbuilding industry.

I am valued as a professional at Forexx
I appreciate that I am valued as a professional at Forexx. I know it’s not always easy to place the right people to the right position, but for me it turned out really well. Forexx have pointed out that they are more than a workforce placement company, long-term relations with their professionals being highly valued. I appreciate the tight connection they are trying to maintain with their employees. Since we are spread throughout the entirety of the Netherlands, it can be easy to overlook the fact people feel the need to belong, even at their job, so the efforts of Forexx to connect to us are necessary and appreciated.

Forexx did a good job in relocation
Forexx have provided me with a connection, in my case to Royal van Lent. Even as a talented engineer, it can be difficult to reach out to companies and get noticed. The entire process of us relocating to the Netherlands, where possible, was also handled by Forexx, which is quite helpful and appreciated.

A nice network within Forexx
I contribute myself by being a valued addition to Forexx’s client. By being a professional and well suited for the position, I am reiterating the idea that Forexx is able to place the right people to the right positions, which serves to increase their client’s confidence in them. Beyond that, I have colleagues from Forexx alongside me with which to share knowledge, we are learning and developing together.

What he likes most about working as a management consultant at Forexx? Richard thinks it is that he works for companies who are ready for their next innovation step. Together with Forexx he lifts these companies to a higher level.

Growing organisations

“From Forexx I advise clients on the possibilities to grow. I visit the most fascinating companies, each with their own dynamics, disciplines and new technological developments. The software engineer in me gets very excited by new things. Very educational! I also think about the beautiful future of Forexx. How can we be the best employer for our professionals and the best partner for our clients? The opportunity to think along is there for everyone, by the way.”

Visible results

“I chose Forexx because of the concept. Forexx hires people who have experience in working at big companies and deploys them in smaller organisations. Those organisations can often learn a lot from the work processes at big companies. That is a beautiful concept, because you visibly contribute to such an organisation. It really gives me energy when our work pays off and clients are happy!”

Using each other’s superpowers

Forexx’s strength is that we know exactly what we are good at. We know each other and know what everyone’s superpower is. We have all disciplines in-house to really help clients move forward. From advice to implementation, now and in the future. In addition, we strengthen each other as colleagues. If I know what a colleague is up against in his or her work, I see if I can make the work easier and more fun. That way, we also lift each other to a higher level.”

Özgur has felt at home at Forexx from the very first moment. The organisation’s commitment helps you to fulfil your ambitions. Özgur is already well on his way to do that!

Work you can be proud of

“Thanks to Forexx I am executing a project at a client where I can perfectly apply all of my experience: Damen Yachting. As a technical specialist I am pivotal in the entire yacht construction process. I maintain contact with suppliers and support my colleagues from different disciplines with information and advice, so they can do their job the best way possible. Nothing is greater than seeing a yacht sail away after 3 to 5 years. That always makes me very proud of what we have achieved together.”

A warm welcome at Forexx

“I have always known I was a team player, but Forexx has reinforced that feeling. When I started working at Forexx, I immediately felt welcome. Everyone is friendly, helpful and involved. At Damen my manager from Forexx regularly checks in to see if I am doing well and what could be improved. This way Forexx helps me to keep challenging myself and to keep growing.”

At Forexx you become the best version of yourself

“Besides the beautiful work I do at Damen, I help Forexx grow our network of talents from different disciplines. At Forexx we bring these talents together in an environment in which they can bring out the best in each other. By reinforcing each other, but also by learning from and with each other. We also work on a valuable educational programme. This way, every colleague can fulfil their ambitions and Forexx can support clients in every way possible to pursue their ambitions!”

What Volkan finds most important in his job? Flexibility, being open to new things and being enthusiastic about the work he does. Forexx offers all of this!

Variety and challenge

“Forexx gives me the opportunity to do what I like most: I work as lead mechanical engineer. I love variety in my work. And I certainly have that, because I am currently working on three projects in which I have different roles. From building a machine to running tests or creating a new concept or 3D model. Forexx makes sure I am being challenged!”

At Forexx you realise your ambitions

“In my profession I learn new things every day, but there are also countless options to grow within Forexx. When I am ready, I can switch projects or roles very easily. Do I want to develop new talents? Then Forexx provides the right educations and trainings. This allows me to get the best out of myself in every possible way and to fulfil my ambitions.”

A diverse work environment where you learn from each other

“I learn not only from my work and training, but also from colleagues. They come from all parts of the world and have experience in specific work fields. Work fields I am sometimes less skilled in, so I like to make use of their expertise. And vice versa. We review each other’s work and come up with creative ideas. That way we can come to the best solutions together!”

In her profession as senior licensing officer, Jessica has basically seen it all. But she wants more! And she gets that opportunity at Forexx, where she can draw on her knowledge and experience to get the best out of herself and others.

Thinking along about the future of Forexx

“At Forexx I have a really cool task: I can build and expand the unit licensing for civil engineering. Based on my expertise I put together a team that realises the organisation’s goals. I love doing that, because the best part of my job is the thinking along: how can we in any case achieve the desired end result? Now I can think along based on my expertise on how Forexx can become the best in the industry!”

Forexx feels like family

“Thanks to Forexx I have grown as a person and believe even more in my own abilities. That is because of our beautiful way of working. People look out for one another and for everybody’s needs and developments. Everyone listens to you and thinks about how you can grow and fulfil your future dreams. This helps me to lift myself, others and the organisation to a higher level.”

Hidden talents discovered

“People have said to me that I would be a good manager. I never believed them. I was too insecure. In my current assignment I coach and guide junior licensing officers. With my help they become the best version of themselves. They grow in their profession and gain self-confidence. Forexx has brought out this talent in me. Together we will look at ways in which I can further professionalise my managing skills.”