High Tech

Industrial Engineer NPI

Eindhoven (NL)
Bachelor / Master
€ 4.000 - € 6.000
Ready to lead the charge in cutting-edge engine development? Join our client's elite team as a Lead Engineer specializing in Engine Diagnostic Robustness. Shape the future of transportation technology with top-tier heavy-duty diesel and hydrogen engines. Drive innovation, tackle real-world challenges, and be part of a dynamic, multidisciplinary environment. If you're passionate about crafting environmentally friendly, reliable products, they want you on their team. Apply now and ignite your career!
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About the job

At Forexx we are looking to elevate your career to a next level and this opportunity might be yours to take. Join our client's team as a Industrial Engineer in the dynamic industrialization team, where you'll play a pivotal role in optimizing their production processes. Your expertise will be crucial in simplifying and streamlining complex assemblies, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness throughout.


  • Designing and implementing Lean assembly processes, collaborating with various departments to optimize workstation layout, workload management, and logistics flows.
  • Defining the production concept of our products, aligning with company goals and market demands.
  • Proactively identifying and addressing risks in Quality, Logistics, Technology, and Costs (QLTC) during   volume production, driving continuous improvement efforts.
  • Initiating and leading efficiency and quality enhancement projects within the assembly process,   working closely with internal stakeholders to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Driving process optimizations, cost-saving initiatives, and risk mitigation strategies to enhance overall   productivity and competitiveness.
  • Implementing improvement proposals to enhance the manufacturability of our products, ensuring   smooth production operations.

About you

To excel in this role the following is required:
You have completed a technical Bachelor's/Master's degree in fields such as Technical Business Administration, Supply Chain Management, Automotive Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering.

Are you located in the vicinity of Eindhoven? Do you possess extensive knowledge of assembly and manufacturing processes, including quality assurance and associated production tools? Are you experienced in implementing Lean manufacturing principles? Can you read and interpret technical drawings and 3D models? If so, our client in looking for you!

Key qualifications

  • Reside in the Eindhoven area
  • Proficient in assembly and manufacturing processes, including quality assurance and production tools
  • Experienced in Lean manufacturing principles
  • Ability to read and interpret technical drawings and 3D models
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Team player with a keen attention to detail and flexibility
  • Proactive and decisive
  • Experience in Factory or Production Engineering and production line setup is advantageous
  • Experience in a High-tech or Automotive environment is advantageous

Working at Forexx

At Forexx we want to unlock your hidden potential.  We resonate with professionals seeking to expand and enrich their careers. Our way of working symbolizes the discovery of hidden talents and the realization of untapped potential through engaging projects and personal growth.

Are we a match? Great, then we offer the following:

  • Work environment
    A challenging assignment at one of our clients; These companies are innovative, leading in the branch and support their employees to develop their professional and personal skills.  
  • A stable future
    Secondary employment in which you are guided towards your long-term employment, at the client. This offers great long term career perspectives.
  • Vacation policy
    You will receive 25 holiday days based on 40 hours; Optionally you will receive extra vacation days (ADV) depending on your project to adapt to the clients policy.
  • Work-life balance
    Our clients are open to discuss flexible working hours and hybrid working to fit your personal situation.
  • Professional training and development
    We understand your personal and professional growth in your new job is a challenge. We will empower this growth by offering specialized courses to meet specific learning objectives.  
  • Other benefits
    You will receive your Holiday allowance of 8.33% on an annual basis. Besides that we offer a well-arranged pension plan to create continuity in your retirement savings.
  • Employee support program;
    In case your new job requires relocation, document requests, scheme applications, etcetera, we will offer support to guide you.
  • The Forexx community
    You will enter an interesting network of colleagues in the field of technology and engineering, with whom you can share knowledge during frequent and enjoyable information and knowledge sessions. Also you are invited for many activities with your colleagues such as BBQs, meetings, events, family day, etc.

About the client

Our client is one of the biggest service providers for the European High tech industry. From their headoffice in Eindhoven they develop & produce complicated High Tech modules which are designed according to the highest standards. This company is renowned for its collaborative engineering approach and commitment to innovation, tackling complex challenges across a diverse range of industries including semiconductor, healthcare, and aerospace. It offers great opportunities for engineers to develop their professional careers.

Application procedure

What will the application procedure look like?

01. First interview

Well done, you got our attention!
The first interview will be held by someone from our recruitment department.

*Are you a software engineer? We will send you our skill assignment before the second interview.

02. Second interview

The first interview went well and you are invited for a second interview.
The second interview will be with someone from our management and someone with a more technical background.

03. Offer

Wow impressive!
All the interviews went really well and Forexx will make a job offer.

04. We become colleagues!

The whole procedure went well and both parties agreed to collaborate. Hello colleague!