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4 september 2023

Sevil Bayrak: “Dreams do come true and my journey is a testament to that.”

Sevil Testimonial

This is Sevil Bayrak. She is a passionate Industrial designer, who found her dream job through Forexx, as Lead Engineer Interior in the yacht building sector.

Forexx assisted me to have my dream job
“Dreams do come true and my journey is a testament to that. Thanks to Forexx Group, I am now living my dream at Oceanco. One of the most renowned Dutch yacht builders. I love solving instant problems and create solutions that will make every party happy. Bringing customers, subcontractors, designers and shipyard together is therefore really important to me. My job is challenging, but Forexx is there when I need them.”

Mastering challenges & Continuous growth
“Not only did Forexx play an important role to me in finding my dream job, but Forexx also helps me to develop myself as a professional. Providing me the required tools that I need to refine soft skills in order to excel as an engineer. I also like that I can reach out to Forexx easily when I need some help.”

Accessible support
“What sets Forexx apart is their availability. I know I can count on them whenever I need assistance or guidance. It's not just a company: it's a support system. My story proofs that Forexx can help you set sail towards your own dreams."

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